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  • Medium Gift Bag
    Medium Gift Bag

    Medium paper decorative neutral gift bag for boys and girls in the fun...

  • Large Gift Bag
    Large Gift Bag

    Large paper decorative gift bag features a variety of fun prints...

  • 16 Piece Baby Starter Set Box
    16 Piece Baby Starter Set Box

    If your looking for a baby gift, this $69.99 baby gift box is a perfect...

  • Waterproof Cover
    Waterproof Cover

    Waterproof Cover are an important part of the sleep safe box to keep...

  • Foam Box Mattress
    Foam Box Mattress

    If you need a spare Fitted Box Mattress, no problem. We offer Fitted Box...


Top sellers

Clothing & Layette

We have an extensive variety of infant attire and extras made of 100% cotton 1x1 rib and 100% cotton interlock, shirt, terry furthermore mixes including woven fabric. We have outfits and newborn child robes, onezies, side snap shirts, lap shirts, gloves, booties, creepers, night wear, infant outfits, robes, caps tops and covers. For shower time ...

We have an extensive variety of infant attire and extras made of 100% cotton 1x1 rib and 100% cotton interlock, shirt, terry furthermore mixes including woven fabric. We have outfits and newborn child robes, onezies, side snap shirts, lap shirts, gloves, booties, creepers, night wear, infant outfits, robes, caps tops and covers. For shower time we have hooded towels, getting covers and rest and play outfits and infant develops.


Clothing & Layette There are 20 products.


  • Hats & Caps

    We sell baby caps, hats & beanies. We also carry knotted caps to sun hats & baseball caps.

  • Onezie Bodysuits

    Baby Miracles offers a wide variety of sizes, short, long or sleeveless onezies in white, black & assorted pastels. We carry multiple colors and design in our inventory of these much wanted and necessary items, such as printed short sleeve one piece and such. Onezies or infant body suits are designs to keep your babies warm, comfortable and at the same time have easy access to the bottom for the quick and easy diaper change. This is one of the most frequently used baby,infant items and many families have lots of them as they help young mothers dress and change their babies. Depending on the weather or room conditions you may want to use sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve onezies. Infant wearing a bodysuit is the most common picture you are likely to see in promotional materials. When it comes to offering variety of sizes, materials and fashionable designs, our company has to offer all and everything for your baby needs. The most comfortable ones can use various ways to secure onezie tight under your child's bottom. It's very important to use the right material for the often most worn item, or baby bodysuit, that's why it's recommended to choose 100% quality material such as cotton, which is soft to the touch and easily washed, cleaned and dried.

  • Pants & Shorts

    Our company offers a variety of pants for infants. Made of 100% cotton in 1 x 1 rib knit or interlock long pants or training pants. We use top quality cotton fabric and colors vary from white to pastel or black. This essential garment will suit your child well and will serve him or her for many months until they grow out of it. Our underwear boxers that come in 3 packs also a great item for infants/toddlers, 1 x 1 Rib knit and interlock pants or training pants are going to be a part of your baby apparel choices.

  • Preemie

    Our store offers a variety of baby clothes for premature babies or preemies, who may weight up to 7 Lbs.These babies require smaller size clothing items to help them feel more comfortable and cared for. We have a variety of size including onezies, shirts, beanie cap & booties sets. We also have 7 or 10 items boxed gift sets that can be a great addition to those many items that you might still have from that recent baby shower. We also have t-shirts and preemie long sleeves in different colors. Baby Miracles can provide you and your toddler with a complete set of clothing for your smaller child. We carry lots of those available in bulk and take orders daily from different parts of the world for these necessary items. A greater number newly born babies are smaller and require special fit clothes that we are happy to offer.

  • Robes

    We offer a variety of robes, that will look cute on your baby. Made of cotton with hood in black with gingham or white with pastel trim. We also have fleece robes in solid pastel. The loose fit with long sleeves make your toddle quite comfortable wearing our beautiful robes right after a daily warm bath.   With over a decade of experience and our services many customers have had thousands of satisfied and happy customers. We are confident our quality products will deliver the level of satisfaction babies truly deserve. And those rabbit ears hoodies will look so adorable on the toddlers.

  • Sleepwear

    Infant sleepwear designed and manufactured by Bambini comes in long & short sleeve sets, in jersey, cotton rib knit or flame resistant polyester fabrics.   We offer a variety of items for comfortable baby or infant sleep made of quality materials including 100% cotton, such as one piece suits long johns, baby girl pajama sets, print closed toe long johns, thermal long sleeve underwear sets for colder winters, zip leg sleepers, toddler long underwear sets, boys rib knit long underwear sets and many others. Easy ordering online after you check our items available for shipping every day.

  • Shirts

    Baby Miracles baby shirts in a variety of sizes colors and styles available in bulk as promotional or gift items, our competitive prices are one of the lowest in the market and the variety of shirts will satisfy any demand you might have. Our local US warehouses are stocked up and ready to ship wherever you might want them. We have short, long, sleeveless or side-snap shirts in white, pastel or black colors, in packs of few or as single items. Variety of sizes available. With babies growing so fast their first year it is important to have enough shirts to meet all your needs. Whether side snap or sleeveless tank top shirts we guarantee your baby will love them and give you a big happy smile every time you wrap or dress them in our clothing items such as the ones listed on our shirts page.

  • Accessories

    Baby Miracles clothing accessories come in various items in many colors and designs such as baby drool bibs, infant mosquito nets, varieties of training pants, mittens, and more. Underwear boxer sets for boys, fleece blankets, caps and booties, short sleeve lap t-shirts, cotton infant mittens, abdominal binders, security blankets, interlock booties and mittens print sets are all part of our collection.

  • Bath Accessories

    baby bath accessories, baby bath towels, wash cloths, hooded towels, gift sets and more in our on-line store. Baby Miracles offers a wide range of bath accessories accessories sets, hooded bath robes in different colors and trims, hooded fleece robes, hooded bath towels and washcloth sets.

  • Bibs

    Baby Miracles offers a wide range of baby bibs & burp cloths in a variety of sizes, colors & fabrics, including 2-ply Terry bibs and burp clothes, 2-ply Interlock bibs and burp cloths, full-size infant bibs, white, with blue or pink trim.

  • Blankets

    Baby Miracles offers the widest selection of generous sizes and colors blankets in fleece, flannel, thermal & interlock, receiving blankets, interlock or print polar fleece, plush fleece blankets with embroidery, satin and flannel security blankets, in assorted colors and pastels. Sets and packs of flannel print receiving blankets, thermal receiving blankets, fleece blanket sets with booties and cap.

  • Gift Sets

    Baby Miracles carries the widest selection of gift sets and gift boxes. We have boxes with as little as 3 baby items in a gift box set up to the bigger ones with 21 pieces in a boxed gift set. With our gift sets you can make any newborn comfortable and the parents happy.   We guarantee lowest prices on the market for gifts like Interlock Pastel 7-Piece Boxed Gift Set, preemie gift sets in various colors and designs. You are sure to like our fleece boxed gift set with jacket, gift box sets or fleece blanket and booties set.

  • Gowns

    To keep your newborn baby girl or baby boy warm after a short bath would be a lot easier with our baby gowns. We offer knit, jersey or flame resistant polyester fabrics, in prints and pastels.

  • Hanging Sets

    A wide selection of hanging sets for your convenience. You will find a variety of boys & girls 3 to 6-piece sets, Interlock, starter sets in white, pink and pattern colors. Simple yet comfortable designs, if your baby could talk he'd beg you to get him or her one of those.Perfect for infants and toddlers.

  • Specialty Items

    For the extra special baby clothing specialty items such as large and extra large bibs, mini T-shirts, flannel security blankets, abdominal binders and pet shirts. 

  • Two Piece Sets

    When your baby grows up, your baby girl or baby boy will not remember much about their early days in life however new technology allows you to save a lot of data to show your infant when he or she grow up. Wouldn't you like to see their smile when they see themselves in those cute little almost toy like clothes. With the help of our company, Baby Miracles carries many pieces of baby clothing, you can get bulk promotional shipments of many clothes, including those two set pieces to keep you whole baby warm and comfortable while they are still growing fast, especially the first year. We have long or short sleeve tees with long or short pants sets, as well as hoodie with sweat pants sets. One of our best sellers in this category is our jersey print diaper shirt with training pants set. You will find all the things you need for your promotional business and can order with an easy click of a button.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items