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In Finland it's a tradition that dates back to the 1930s, where every new mother, regardless of background or income, gets a box from the government. The box contains a plethora of layette supplies - bibs, beanies, bodysuits, napsack, a swaddle blanket, baby gear, underwear products - as well as a small mattress. Putting the mattress in the bottom of the box creates the baby's first bed.

Constructed from thick cardboard, these boxes are traditionally used and practiced in Finland as the newborns' bed for at least up to their first six months.

The box prevents the newborns from rolling onto their tummies which the specialists believe can contribute to SIDS.

This tradition has been significantly credited for helping Finland achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates. Originally created around 78 years ago, these free boxes were assumed to benefit the low-income families and help in decreasing the high rates of infant mortality.

You might not believe at the first that how such an advanced and modern society of Finland, which ranks almost first for their innovations and hi-tech engineers, education or social welfare can still be so deeply attached to this traditional practice. Nevertheless, this tradition appears to have a deep-rooted healthy importance for the advanced modern civilization of Finland nowadays. These sleeping boxes, actually serve as the maternity kits, appear to be as one of the best practice examples. Simply like behind every success story there always has been a long and deep history, similarly the success behind the boxes also have a prolonged tradition and history.

In Finland, this exclusive package was designed in late 1937 to give all babies an equal start to their life and it still continues to serve the same purpose. Today, Finland’s child mortality rate is significantly decreased and became among the lowest in the entire world, thanks to the concept of this spectacular maternity package.

These Finnish maternity kits have been continuously improved and renewed year by year.

The classic box can really make a unique baby gift for the new parents! It’s not only useful just as a bassinet to keep your baby SAFE and nearby, but also it can be utilized as a storage box later after your baby has outgrown the box. Primarily filled with all of your baby’s basic essentials and necessities, this unique infant starter kit has everything for your basic needs.

The Sleep Safe Box is an economical bassinet for your baby, offering a safe and secure place for baby to sleep while you do chores or house work and when your baby outgrows the box, you can still use it to store toys, old clothes, and other baby items.